Analytical Web App for the Commodities Industry

Minerals Value Service provides data and analytics for the Iron Ore market. In this market pricing is complex and driven by a vast amount of factors.

The design shows complex connections between various datasets in a straightforward way. It helps surfacing valuable market information, so users can identify better trading opportunities more quickly.

Mvs Dashboard
Mvs Products

Products Fundamentals

Users can filter products by various dimensions to find the relevant ones for them.

The tool displays the products in a visual “property map”, to make it easy to identify interesting products. It allows to compare the features of each product with others, allowing for easy competitor benchmarking or efficient sourcing.

Steel Plants Fundamentals

This feature provides a complete overview of all steel plants in the world with all their technical data. This makes it easy for raw materials producers to identify potential customers and gain essential background knowledge before approaching them.

Mvs Steel Plants
Mvs Freight Popup

Sea Freight Cost Map

This screen offers a quick overview of current global Dry Bulk Seafreight costs. It provides price history for the most important routes. It also combines shipping with products costs, for better understanding of total price development.


Overview of global production volume development. The data can be aggregated and filtered by various dimensions for gaining a deeper understanding of the market and identifying trading opportunities.

Mvs Production Volumes
Mvs Viu Benchmark

Value In Use Benchmark

Allows to compare 2 products in detail and see each’s strengths and weaknesses at a glance. This allows for detailed competitor analysis.

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