Commodities Pricing Mobile App

The commodity industry is becoming ever more time critical. Its information systems however are often complicated and outdated.

This is the first mobile app in said category, which is providing real-time pricing information for important benchmarks and products. It allows users to arrive at fast and informed trading decisions.

Prism M 1
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Clear Overview

On the dashboard users can see their most important pricing information at a glance and in real-time. Unlike other finance apps it focusses on a bold and easy overview, which users will like to view often.

Key Data

Users get a quick summary of all price assessments, their relations to each other and how the market moved on day. Including the spreads between assessments here is key for a quick and thorough understanding of the market.

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Integrated Market Overview

This advanced view adds actual trades to the price overview, drawing a complete picture of the market in real-time.

This screen is conceived for the trader who needs more detailed information at a glance, and is used to consuming complex data in a busy environment.

Price History

Users can quickly scroll and zoom through price history – two intuitive & fun ways to deep dive into pricing core data.

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