Pricing Platform

A price reporting agency needed a new online platform for publishing their data. They provide unbiased assessments of general market value as well as value of brands/products in otherwise intransparent markets.

The challenge was to design a platform where they can publish more detailed information than before in real-time. Data should be presented in a way, that it increases trust in the assessments and provides a more complete picture of the market.

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Identifying & Understanding Key Contents

The market this platform was designed for is highly complex and intransparent. We mapped and visualised countless data bits & scenarios to gain a deep understanding of the importance and relations of all individual contents.

Most components created during this process didn’t make it into the final product. However this phase was essential for shaping a fundamentally new product, which received praise among initial customers.

Design Iterations

The main pricing screen saw countless iterations and variations during the design & validation phases. This enabled us to develop a fundamentally new concept for conveying market information in close collaboration with key stakeholders and customers.

Due to the complexity of the project we were focussing on small parts of the screen per each design sprint and gradually increasing fidelity.  This led to innovative ideas and also made the entire processes easier projectable.

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Design System

We worked closely with the development team to create a continuously updated living style guide. Rigorously relying on a column grid and spacing system allowed for high modularisation in development. This lead to inherent consistency as well as quick implementation times. Clearly defining and documenting all states of each UI component allowed for smooth communications between design, development and branding teams and assured pixel perfect implementation.

Main Pricing Screen

The Pricing screen displays key price assessments as well as relevant raw data, providing the right amount of context for understanding the current shape of the market at a glance. This allows analysts to draw fast conclusions and traders to make informed decisions.

Prism 5 Pricing
Prism 6 Detail

Detail Screen

Each price and cargo has a lot of additional information attached to it. The challenge was that most of these information are similarly important and need to be viewed together. “Less is more” just didn’t work here, so it was down to hard UI work.

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