Home & Living E-Commerce Web Design

Krines Home is a small business, specialising in the production of Rattan furniture. It realised the opportunities of direct to customer sales and needed its own e-commerce platform.

The challenge was to create a design system, that can be operated at low cost by a small in-house team, yet appear “big player professional”. It should be visually clean, very easy to navigate and convey trust. It caters to a slightly older audience, yet should appear modern and stylish.

Krines 1
Krines 2 Home

Flexible Homepage

A flexible grid system was designed, which generates a visually appealing layout with any content. It is usually used to guide users into the main shop categories. However it can be easily adapted to highlight special sales, products or events – without involvement of developers or designers.

Shop Lists

The main shop pages feature a beautifully clutter-free design and therefore invite to a lengthy browsing around the shop. This is supported by a very clear navigation, which always provides good feedback so the user never gets lost.

Krines 3 Shop
Krines 4 Detail

Product Page

Important information, like price and product variants, as well as the call to action stand out clearly and are positioned “above the fold”. White space and generous typography generate a high value magazine look, justifying higher sales prices.

Selected Works